Take The Stage (Part 2)



Allow me to take the stage

And lookout onto the world

Once more

Not nervous nor afraid

Opening the shell of the oyster

And push out the pearl

Displaying and demonstrating

Upon this stage

Lighting up words and lines

In such a way

That will be burned into memory

For many nights and days

Looking at the many faces

To which my words and meanings

Hopes to replaces

All of the pain and suffering

And the many tears

That are unseen and also appear

To not ever be upstaged

And succumbed by fear

For the true goal and mission here

Is to always bring

And guide people near

To a much-needed surface

And listening with both ears

Seeing with both eyes

Met with a very pleasant surprise

For the show will never be over

Just allow my poetic words

To warm and cover you

From here on out

And from now on

As I sit up and write

From dusk till dawn

Penning and witnessing

Another piece born

As this one will lead to

Many more being spawned

And written but not hidden

To always share

What has been potentially missing

Along with my artistic and poetical vision

As I send my work out

And to be on the rage

Breaking free from any cage

And reaching many each day

As I settle in once more

And continue to take the stage


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