Sailing Towards The Shore (Part 2)



Out at sea

Just sailing along

And in good company

From a journey

That has become long

But enjoyable from the start

Watching as the waves crash and clash

Then come apart

Up against the boat

Enjoying every single view

Right in front and all around you

All while taking separate

Mental and emotional notes

As the boat sails through

The ocean waters

No land in sight as of yet

But also, no problem

The sun shines it rays

Just ahead of the sail

And feeling compelled

To steer in that very direction

As its tells its own story

Right out there

As you witness this

From each breath and stare

And place this moment

In its own category

Moving along the tides

And enjoying every minute

No need to ask why

In hopes that this sail

Could be never ending

But all good things must come to a stop


Naturally and as you complete

This journey on the high seas

As land and shoreline

Begins to appear

A memory you can call mine

And always hold most dear

As you come near

The very shore

Not asking what for

Because if this could last forever

You would definitely ask for more

Turn right around

And take up the sea again

Not a matter of if

But just when

And do this all over again

To send yourself and others

Back for more

Grateful for the chance

That the opportunity to enjoy

This oceanic romance

In all of its splendor and galore

Yet slightly saddened

By the sail that is now over

Because you cannot wait for more

Cause the memory of this hovers

As you sail towards the shore


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