As Directed

Time to wake up….




Just going along with anything

And to be naïve to

The consequences that this will bring

Shown a very simple thing

But rather instead

Continue to believe that which

Feeds your warped reality and suffering

Instructions given then received

Repercussions from being deceived

The need to come to grips

But just won’t heed the call

Steadily plunging to a fall

And can’t see the forest for the trees

A swarm of bees with no real direction

And trusting a false map

With sinister navigation

And a broken compass in hand

A failed realization

That most cannot nor want to understand

All of the damage and deceptions

Done by man

And to where they land

Capturing the masses

In every way shape and form

And as much

As the very grains of sand

Through an advance directive

More of us need to start questioning authority

And demand real and truthful answers

To the many questions we must seek and find

Exposing many things hidden over time

And time to play detective

Holding our very own investigations

Forego further division and segregation

For secrets always cost

They are not free

It is passed time that we all

Wake up and finally see

What all has been done

Pretending to finish a race

That was won

But how so

When the race itself never started

Because cooperation and critical thinking

Just seems too foreign of a concept

But if we don’t do this as groups and individuals

Then when nothing continues to change

We cannot point the finger at anyone else

So, time to see the world through

A new pair of eyes

And head in the right direction

For we won’t regret it

But we will if we continue to stay

Numb and just act only as directed


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