The Hourglass



Indicating a way

That passes the time

From the top the bottom

As it meets at the middle

And just draws a line

Into the grains of sand

But flows along until it runs down

Within an hour of chance

Turning it upside down

To start the process over

Running as a steady stream

But within a cover

And old way of telling time

Or a way to count

In hour increments

For this is one amazing instrument

Encased in glass

Watching as the grains of sand

Just move downwards

And go pass the middle line

Where the shape of each half meets

And greets the other

In a very specific way

And as long as they stay intact

The sand will not escape

Be held at bay

And relay the time

That with each second flows away

Quite the show here

Going on completely encased

Displaying how with each second and minute

Is nothing to waste

As most do not understand

With each grain of sand

As it flows inside of this cast

Watching as time goes by

Inside of the hourglass


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