Grains Of Sand



Covering the world’s beaches

Coastlines and shores

Around for a very long time

And continues more and more

The feel of sand

Upon the feet and hands

A natural blanket

That just spreads across the land

Met by the seas and oceans

Different colors and textures

And an infinite number of them

More than we could ever count

Or try to lecture about this

As it runs out of

The hand and back unto the land

Displaying footprints and handprints

That were left behind

And just how much of this

Has happened over time

As they just fall in line

And do as they were meant to

As they truly add to the ambience around

The aesthetic and view

Used for many purposes

And having various meanings

But most enjoyed

When coming to the shore

And adding to the greeting

Seen across the beaches and coastlines

Covering and shifting over time

And being a natural blanket

Upon the land

For this is a small description

Of the grains of sand


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