This Nation (Part 4)

This Nation series: Poem 4 of 4




There is no way

To truly repay

Those who have been wronged

So many things done that are unforgivable

And have continued all along

Since the very beginning

Time for some to lose

So that others may live and start winning

Giving their true identities back

And recognizing them for what they truly are

Not colored or black

African or Indian

Time to replenish these people

And you know the reasons

Returning land that was stolen

Reparations for work and slavery

That is sincerely and duly owed

Due to them being sold

Killed and left out in the cold

Split from families

Both young and old

The real Americans

Since the days of old

Took an invitation

And turned it into a massacre

Slavery and disaster

For what you were after

Land stolen and returned nothing

Accept for misery and suffering

This nation is cursed because of this

And will not truly prosper

Until all of this is fixed

And if real compassion

Morality and a conscious existed

Then this would be done now

An in an instant

Give back to those what they deserve

They are owed this and much more

From what has occurred

And to not make this transaction

To not make this right

This nation’s will endure further plight

And will never see the light

Karma will happen

Because no evil deed goes unpunished

So, stop celebrating

Toasting and clapping

All the blood spilled and lives taken

Are being heard and seen by the Creator

With spirits that will never rest

And circling about this nation

Haunted by all of the vile acts committed

And causing many such tribulation

Make this right before it’s too late

Because this is an issue

That can no longer be ignored

Put off or made to wait

Constantly ill by the misery and aggravation

All the people of color

Haunted by the birth of this nation


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