Origins that lie elsewhere

From where you were taken

Scattered abroad

And forsaken

Without any ounce of care

The migration away from

Your established and ancestral homeland

And the culprit behind this

Is always the same person

And that is the evil of man

For those that suffer from this

Truly understand

What it is like to be relabeled and shipped off

And done by any means

No matter what the cost

Causing whole generations of people

To become wandering and withering

And completely real

Not just some story or fable

But rather a chaotic history

Going on still

Of those that were unwilling and unable

But had no choice in the matter

And the many families split apart

Murdered and shattered

All because they possessed something

That was of extreme value to go after

Getting rid of the true owners

Only to wind up serving

Some kind of master

Going from free to the enslaved

And continues in many ways

Much captivity still

Like being stuck in caves

But this must cease and exist no longer

A chain reaction

Moving across the geographic

The constant climatic

Conquered and the divided

And constructing more factions

For all of this has and continues to occur

To feed a miserable satisfaction

While causing and stirring up

Much anguish and resistance

With many people who have fallen

That have been kept away

And even hidden from their true selves

Along with their real purpose and existence

With no way of ever fixing this

Especially since

This continues to persist

Even until this very day

And to those whom are not affected directly

Having nothing to display or say

Because who really cares anyway

If it’s not actually happening to them

Living an entire lifetime

That is nothing but grim

And the chances of this changing

Are virtually slim

And most in this unfortunate position

Don’t believe there is any hope for them

Due to the cruelty and movement

Of their population

Sustained and repeated

Again and again

To these cataclysmic and dispersed nations

Constantly feeling defeated

Both daily and nightly

Scattered about as grains of sand

And etcetera

Much prayer and hope needed for

The diaspora


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