This Nation (Part 2)

This Nation series: Poem 2 of 4




This nation has caused

So much agitation

Instead of admiration

Many have suffered from

Different forms of brutalization

Never a cancellation

Victims of decimation

And defamation

Constant demonstration

Reminders moving away from peace

As a deviation

Controlled by domination

Filled with much discrimination

Followed by disaffiliation

The education

With not enough elevation

Left out of emancipation

Due to some examination

Leading to some eradication

After careful evaluation

Too much feminization

As a fluctuation

Many papers filed as falsification

With many situations

As a fabrication

Too much glorification

And gratification

Other lives as a hallucination

Cause of identification

Various imitations

Through many incorporations

Evil deeds as a justification

Of legislation

Causing limitations

Through various manipulations

Sideways medication

Circling through matriculation



And modifications

The wrong types of motivation

Were a miscalculation

This is a notification

Not a negotiation

Used and abused naturalization

Illegal nullification

Seen as a normalization

And an obligation

The observation

Of these operations

And orchestrations

From organizations

Of vast orientation

With foul origination

Claims of overpopulation

And over simplification

So many heart palpitations

And perspirations

Through the personification

Of the population


For certain one’s preservation

These qualifications

Have ramifications

Causing reawakening

And reformation

No relaxation

Until reparations

And resolutions

With no retaliation

But have reservations

About real restoration

At some point a revolution

Coming about through revelation

So much separation

Even pass segregation

So many walking by

Blinded by subjugation

As standardization

Too much stipulation

On those who feel strangulation

Hate and poverty

As the supplementation

Masked over through television

Fancy transportation

Hiding real tribulations

No chance of unification

Too many seek validation

When seen as a vermination

Shunned for vocalization

Sometimes even met with violations

And unwanted visitations

With certain variations

And vilification


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