The Country

Intro for the “This Nation” series:

As poets, we cannot be afraid to tackle the most tough and controversial issues that surrounds us all. Creating awareness and care when it doesn’t always exist, but we must persist. To express and write on how we see and feel the world to be, and wanting to shine a light upon it. By all accounts, a country with a horrid past and present, but also not alone….




Look around this nation

And tell me what you see

Hatred and racism running rampant

And far from the beginning

Or the end

Turning a blind eye

To all of the division

And constant segregation

Scattered across this nation

And among the so-called races

With the same or similar look

On many faces

That resides here

And yes

Things are much worst

Than they actually appear

But be my guess

And take a look around

At all of the injustice and the many frowns

I’m not the only one thinking about this

Just one of the ones brave enough to confess

Trying every day to stomach this insanity

Ingesting and digesting

That which we all should detest

For we are not at our best

Failing the most important tests

And even some of us thinking

Through privilege and skin color

That they are much better

Than all the rest

Obsessed and drunk with power

And causing division and destruction

With each coming hour

Freedom and true liberty shattered

And the poor gets devoured

More and more

And just ran over

Barely surviving from day to day

But have to sit and watch

The rich prosper over and over

The wealth gap just keeps growing

But does anyone really care?

But I can assure you

That those that are witnessing and suffering

From this unfairness

Would prefer this be spread around and shared

For everyone is aware

Of the issues encompassing us all

But I guess it’s not important

Because we sit back and relax

And watch the country and its people

Take a plunge and fall

From all of the bad history

That just bleeds

And pretend it’s not seen

All the while

Continuing and refusing

Real justice

Freedom and peace

And a system in place

That only works for those it was meant for

Believed to be striving and thriving

For all to see

But it wasn’t and never will be

The actual country

That it claims and pretends to be


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