This is a controversial piece. So keep an open mind and truly grasp what is being said inside….The spiritual, not the religious or the political….Causing so much division.




This manmade thing

And all of the trouble that it

Has brought and also brings

And yes, there is such a thing

Not allowing freedom to truly ring

Rewriting history and culture

And have caused much suffering

Taking us away from the One

Or trying to hide his appearance in some cases

When the Creator’s signature has been left

All over this world

But many teachings and followings

Have replaced the Creator in so many ways

And seems to have happened

Over and over again for years and days

As most have been pulled away

In more ways than one

Right before your face

And not using the very senses

The Creator gave us

To feel when things are out of place

And out of order

For we have crossed borders and lines

Throughout the span of time

Embracing the darkness

Instead of letting our true light shine

Lies and deceptions

Falsehoods and no corrections

Continuing down the same paths

That will only lead to destruction

With the vast majority still

Haven’t learned this important

And vital lesson

Being led away and led astray

Time and time again

And many of us unfortunately

Will stay this way until the very end

Wrapped up and draped over

With nothing but sin

The list goes on

Despite what happens

Or where people have been

For too many of us in this world

Have truly succumbed

To this thing called religion


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