Infused With Energy



It continues to grow and build

Inside of me

With no intention of staying still

And just ready to break free

Limitless energy

With no real capacity

Other than to simply be

What it is and has been

Having a beginning

But never reaching the end

Breathing it in and out

And coming through the pores

For I know exactly what this is about

And searching for more

Buried deep within my very core

Absorbing it constantly

And making more room to store

Radiates and surrounds me

And engulfs me in extreme heat

Fed by poetry

And being the very sponge

That soaks up the literary

Magnetized lyrically

And once its unleashed

The world will witness poetic history

Striving to be at its finest

And the mission to become

Calculating with rhyming

And with excellent timing

As the energy surges and builds

Inside of me

Ready to unleash

The poetic beast

And to permeate and increase

All that is me

Infused with energy


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