Take Me Higher



Take me to a place

That I’ve never seen

A place where I can thrive

Climb and fly

Higher than the trees

Pick me up

And carry me home

To a quiet and peaceful place

And where I can be all alone

With my thoughts and memories

The pen

The paper

The poetry

And just help me to become

A better person than I used to be

Open my eyes much wider

So that I can see

The very destiny that awaits

And made just for me

To travel there and never leave

That very place where I

And my intended path will meet

A limitless capacity

Filled with much energy

Just waiting for me

To tap into and soar higher than the trees

Walking the very clouds above

With the sun right before me

Or so it seems

And hope to enjoy this place

Well before my time expires

Ecstatic and waiting patiently

For the chance to take me higher


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