Balance is important….




To make the same

No matter what

To balance out the change

For it to make the cut

Becoming equal to a specific level

A standard if you will

Being careful and to appeal

To make uniform

By application or test

And no question about it

Or nothing left to ponder

Think further about or wander

Straightening out that which plunders

With no dramatic effect

Logically and strategically

And willingly

Turn into something better

And nothing else

Moving beyond just self

Matching up and cooperating

With all the rest

Lining up to its best

And regulate to left and right

Until it gets equalized

And began to display some light

Illuminating the dark

And taking this to new heights

Through beneficial fights

That in the end

Will help to take flight

Committing acts

That won’t come back to haunt or bite

For this is life

As to set our eyes and course

Onto to new sights

And will never happen

Nor get accomplished if we don’t try

The goal of equality and balance

That are not just wishful thinking

And will actually materialize

On an avid mission

To equalize


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