Level 8

I’m not done with poetry, and poetry is not done with me….




On my scale  

Starting at level one 

Refusing to fail 

Or be outdone 

Level two 

Sharing with many of you 

Every attempt made 

To not ever feel blue 

The catch twenty-two 

And striving for excellence 

In all that I do 

Witness me 

At level three 

As I take a peek 

Into the future 

And to all that I seek 

To open all windows and doors 

In accordance with level four 

And to speak up diligently 

Writing and reciting repeatedly 

And doing this poetic dance 

Until I just can’t anymore 

As I strive  

Each and every time 

To always keep my words alive 

At level five 

Rhyming with swiss timing 

With every other line 

As you read and proceed 

To witness all of this 

Watching me advance to level six 

As I persist and can’t resist 

To put in all of my energy and passion 

As I get the gist of poetry 

Devoting and penning 

Through the artistic and literary 

Taking each poetic thought 

And use it for leverage 

Pouring and revealing 

At level seven 

Burning always with fire 

And never tepid 

Which brings us now 

To level eight 

The one level I just couldn’t wait 

To display 

But not debate 


And demonstrate 

The different levels of me 

As I proceed 

To embrace and feed 

The very wants and enhance 

Each poetic desire and need 

And will never concede 

To failure 

For this is not an option 

With every intention to become 

Completely unstoppable 

As the vast majority 

Will get to see 

And leaving behind 

My poetic legacy 

And for goodness sake 

As I convey and demonstrate 

More levels to come 

And sounding off in waves 

Until my last day 

Because don’t think for one second 

Or any kind of way 

Confusing or making the mistake 

Of believing that I 

Have reached my capacity 

And peaked or capped out 

At level eight 


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