Dear Poetry



Appreciate every chance

To write about you

As the pen and paper

Connects me more to you

Each word and line

Penned over time

And with each poetic thought of mine

That just falls in line

The talent given from above

As I keep the fire and passion burning

And return and share this with love

With much to write and speak of

As the day and night goes by

That seems like the time with you

Is just not enough

But I

Never really ask why

Due to the many words

That display in front

Of so many eyes

As the artistic and the literary

Pour to the outside

From where it resides

Met with a smile

Simplicity at its finest

And aiming to become even better

Each time that I try

And also, do

As you introduced me to a world

Of a poetic few

Keeping this close to the chest

As I take in each view

With a heart of gold

That runs beyond just you

So dearly


And sincerely

Just one of the many poets

That embraces and is intrigued

By you

And thanking the Creator

For giving me you

And using your platform

To light up the world

As I hold and continue to write

With you at the root



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