To Introduce Peace



In a world going through a storm

Where this has become the norm

Darkness prevailing more than the light

Or so it seems

Choosing wrong instead of right

Everything and nothing else in between

Our environment around us

Has become too cold

And this is getting old

Watching more and more events

Continue to unfold

But where are the strong and bold?

When such things get on a roll

Too busy I guess following the fold

To absolutely nowhere good

And why can’t this be more understood?

Well allow me to give a different scenario

One where peace will show

And continue to grow like a weed

To help facilitate the need

And spread this around

So that everyone can feed off of it

No more closed fists

As hope now will persist

With no chance to resist

Because it will consist of

Nothing but respect and love

Pushing us all higher

And with a chance to soar above

Violence to cease

Harmony to increase

Stand people up

That lived on their knees

Hope for those desperately seeking

A better life and mixed with dreams

As goals are met with a smile

More eyes that see

With more light in them

And faces that are happy

Creating the ability

That will enable all of us

To move forward and agree

Waiting patiently

And being worth it

No more living in a three ring circus

And finally

Through me

Using poetry

To help reintroduce

The world to peace


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