The Power of Words



Life and spirit with each one

Must be very careful

In the way they are used

Not just for fun

As they could offend someone

Bring down someone

Yet uplift anyone

When all is said and done

Light and life with each syllable

Darkening them with the trivial

Negative and positive vibes

Harnessed from the inside

And not come off as criminal

As more thought is needed

Before even saying hi

Think of why

You’re using your words

And in what context

For you will see and feel the consequences

Of what comes next

After what was left

Hopefully displayed a positive effect

Energy and synergy

To enhance or destroy

Magnetism or criticism

That could be seen to insult

Or bring about joy

In all cases

Scattered across the many faces

Forego the cruelty and use words

To cover over the hate

That love replaces

To purge and surge

The very words

That will uplift and bring about a smile

For a while

To each one that is heard

No matter the subject or verb

To travel a better destiny

That will leave behind

The correct and most influential legacy

And for this to occur

No matter who you are or were

To every him and her

The results afterwards

Peacefully and affectionately done

Over and over again

Stuck on repeat

And building up each one

That those words meet

Upwards and forwards

And carrying towards

Remembering always

The long lasting effects

Through the power of words


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