Bring To Life

The followup to the poems “To Bring Hope”




The power of words

That must occur

That have seeming effects

Each time they are heard

And shown

Words that will find you

And never leave you all alone

Keeping many warm

With each poetic swarm

Leaping over the norm

I am the quiet storm

After the chaos

Bringing many forward

And hoping to carry them

To the lighted path

That once seemed lost

Pushing hope

And doing what is right

More than willing to fight

As more need to be shown the light

And not everything resides

In black and white

But other array of colors as well

More than anyone can actually tell

So sit a spell

And allow me to take you there

For I am more than aware

That life is not fair

But care enough

To not just leave it there

Hoping to motivate

And suppress further stress and strife

The proof of real life

That is more than okay or alright

To no longer feel a sharp bite

As I use the power of words

To bring many to life


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