The Nature Of Poetry



The purpose of poetry 

And in its raw form 

Is to call upon a natural storm 

That will form over people 

Being an art form of no equal 

But to radiate and shine a light upon 

Everyone that it comes in contact with 

No matter where you’re from 

Coming alive each time 

Rain, sleet, or shine 

And always aims to change lives 

And should be the ultimate goal 

Of anyone poet 

That plans to write or wrote 

A poem to reach the masses 

Moving at literary pace 

The language arts if you will 

That is just too energetic 

To ever stand still 

As it appeals and thrills 

On many levels 

Hoping that everyone will revel 

In its unique essence 

And even learn a lesson 

Promoting thought and motivation 

Stirring up the emotions 

Through poetic commotion 

But has a natural flow about it 

That mimics the oceans 

Written and spoken 

Recited and penned 

With the same mission 

From start to finish 

And will never have a true end 

So as a poet 

Where do I even begin 

Plucked from obscurity 

And continuing to hone and mold this craft 

Causing a lyrical and literary shockwave 

Of sharpened visual acuity 

That will enable many to read and proceed 

With much curiosity of poetry 

Embracing its energy and current 

As it warrants us 

To look into it even more 

Never being shutoff 

But always an open door 

For all to walk through and see 

And never cease 

For this is only a piece 

Of the nature of poetry 


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