The Calling Of Poetry

The followup to the poem “The Nature of Poetry”




The artistic and bold 

Welcoming me and many others 

To the fold 

Eyes open and skills shown 

Molding my craft but not alone 

I am a poet 

All the way down 

And deep into my very bones 

Wouldn’t you know it 

And will never hesitate to show it 

Supporting this with all efforts 

And a vast supply of energy 

Gathering more words and thoughts 

To evolve and surpass another level 

As I revel in poetry 

Because I didn’t choose it 

It chose me 

As I answer the call each time 

With a smile on my face 

A feeling and a purpose inside 

That could never be replaced 

Or even erased 

As it comes to me naturally 

In every case 

Taking me to that literary place 

Where I can write rhymes 

Or no rhymes 

But a fire and desire 

That is so critical 

And the very vehicle 

Each time I engage and face 

The artistical aspects of this 

Analyzing and supplying the lyrical 

With one open hand and the other a closed fist 

For I cannot resist 

As I continue to persist 

On moving about the poetic 

Writing and with an inviting 

Way of penning the aesthetic 

A conference with the paper 

A meeting with my mind and heart 

Very much involved from the very start 

Fulfilling the literary of sorts 

And will never purport 

As the reality of this for me 

Will always report 

The true nature of its existence 

And capturing poets in an instance 

Beautiful and involving 

For you and I as poets 

Must answer poetry’s calling 


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