The Voice Of My Time (Part 2)



Using my voice through poetry

And the literary

To motivate and bring about

Some resemblance of peace

In a world where evil and hate increase

By the day

In such a way

That we’ve grown too accustomed

To things being this way

And come what may

So, I’m taking this moment

To stand up and say

Through the power of words

Shocking the world like never before

From what you seen and have heard

Being brave enough to do so

The voice of reason

That I hope

Many will come to know

Making good use of my time here

And writing and penning pieces

To hold most dear

Close to the hearts and minds

That over time

Will start to outshine the darkness

And reading my work with a smile

Yet also and all the while

Voicing my opinions

From critical thinking

That I have constantly

From thoughts that are free

To leave and be just what they are

To help facilitate and change

The world by far

And I don’t care who you are

Or where you live

As I hope that my words give

And bring everyone hope

To be the literary and poetic antidote

That will assist with the cure

To get most of us

To come together and start to endure

That which and will allow

Some form of unity that somehow

Seemed impossible up to this point

Reaching everyone and streaming through

Every single fiber of your being

Bones and joints

Creating new positive energies

And becoming the new standard and recipe

For what’s to come later on

I’m not naive

I just want more of us

To prove the vast majority

Of society wrong

And not to just get along

But really make a change

And rearrange bad habits and current thinking

Bad behaviors and hateful upbringings

Not to further cause an ending

But rather roll into

A new beginning

And start actually winning for once

In our lives

Join me on stage

And wipe tears from eyes

Replacing frowns with smiles

And form a unit

Heaven bent on much-needed change

For some this will seem strange

And is this man deranged?

I can promise you I am not

But if no one will take a stand

Then someone like me has to

And even if a few more join me

We could move mountains

And become a fountain

Of restoration

And spread this across

Every single nation

And act as a straight line

To peace and liberation

Taking the time to open eyes

And finally realize

That more than just me

Must care enough to step up

Seek out and find

I am just one person

Just one man

But always ready

To show how more lights

Can actually shine

As I continue to be

The voice of my time


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