The Train Driver



In and off the train

From day to day

Pushing the locomotive down the tracks

And in a safe way

As humanly possible

Stay out of the way

Because this machine is unstoppable

When it’s on the go

And carrying many tons of load

From one place to another

While on the go

Getting up to speed is a task

And once it goes fast

It takes a lot to slow it back down

Because if something or someone

Is on the tracks

Then it or they better hurry up

And quickly clear the ground

Looking down range

And looking around

Nothing more frightening

Than hearing the sound

Of the train on its way

And not sure if you can clear the tracks

Before it’s too late

And needing enough time to escape

The driver can see

But sometimes it just too late

Otherwise smooth sailing

While traveling along the railing

The train driver must always be in tuned

With the train

Attention to detail and respect commanded

To this beast of a machine

Must be extremely careful

To not meet head on with another train

Or the clash you will hear

Will never be forgotten

And will always remain

These people have

A very dangerous job

And one that I’m sure

Makes the heart throb

Each and every time

That train is boarded

Trying their best to drive efficiently

So unsafe hazards can be avoided

Hats off to those

Who does this job

And bring to us the items we sorely need

Hopefully upbeat and not to sob

As they bringing delivery of the day

To a close

And I suppose

We all can agree

As these professionals are dire

With every arrival

Much respect and safe travels

To the train driver


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