The True Goal Of The Poetic



The true goal of poetry

Is to touch everyone

Through the literary

As it gets carried

All around this world

Reaching everyone 

No matter who they are

No matter where they live

No matter their culture or religion

Poetry aims to promote unity

And pulls away from division

Working through those poets

That live and write out this vision

With every original rendition

That gets penned

And doing so

From beginning to end

A very artistic wave

That hopes to cover everyone

Each and everyday

Writings with a purpose

Not just some hobby or for fun

 To a poet this seems urgent

And of vital importance

Seeing the world as it is

But also, differently

And desires to change it constantly

Through the literary

Being critical and lyrical

Of each piece that is read and seen

Operating on all channels

With the passion to travel

And rival the world

Through words and harnessing poetic energy 

That will surpass what you see and heard

Much synergy and readily

To tackle this art form

For you were born

To be a quiet storm

Sound off the poetic horn

To help counter the coldness

And inject warmth

Through each line every time

The many titles and categories

Some telling stories

With much allegory

And to illuminate the darkness

With poetical soaring

The aesthetic

The kinetic

The magnetic

Influencing and affected it

Causing and sending out shock waves

To everyone its meets and displays

Words for days

And as a poet

Always have the intention

To relay positive vibes

Everywhere you go

And to everyone you see

Because as a poet

That was called into this

It is your destiny

So, there I said it

For this and more

And to help restore

Ye wielder of the pen

Is the true goal of the poetic


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM