Everything that was constructed and designed

By the Creator

Represents a perfect and unique class

From the very beginning and much later

Beyond the typical and mere quality

Perfection accomplished not an oddity

A feat of power and design

Engineered and with a polished shine

That nothing or no one else

Ever could have done

For the Creator is the only one

That can and will do such things

And to all that this will bring

Very particular and represents

Everyone and everything

For we are nothing

Without the Creator

And nothing would’ve existed without

Him as well

For this is not fiction or fantasy

Science or a fairy tale

Everything the Creator has done

Was constructed and completed very well

Executed in ways

That we will never know

So, all we should do

Is just sit back and appreciate the show

And the wondrous displays

Passing by us each night and day

As they came and went

For the Creator is

Perfection and the perfect embodiment

Of all we see and feel

All we know and hear

The alpha and the omega

Whom has always been here

And with just a mere thought

We and everything else

Could simply no longer exist

And up and disappear

For we

Always need to acknowledge

And adhere to our Creator

And place nothing or no one else

Above nor try to replace Him

Because any change of making it in this life

Are extremely slim

Get your knees and give thanks for a while

Approach the Creator’s presence with a smile

So that we can enhance our potential

Because the bottom line is

Whether you believe this or not

Our Creator is quintessential


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