Fly On The Wall



This happens often 

More than we know 

Little bugs everywhere 

And not the ones you know 

Spying all the time 

And not once do they think 

Is this crossing a line? 

Justifying the actions 

Due to security measures 

But you have to know 

When to draw a line 

And stay behind it 

Whenever you find it 

Playing and being the bandit 

And people truly can’t stand this 

Doing this often 

But at what cost? 

The price is always high 

Even when they choose to deny 

Holding secrets and telling lies 

And most are still surprised 

While asking the question why 

Out in the open 

And no longer in disguise 

But what if the tides were turned 

And the situation at hand 

Was the other way around? 

What would they do? 

When the only privacy that seems to be had 

Is only inside of you 

Would this seem bad? 

Then this should be thought about more 

Because once you start down this path 

It just gets worse and more 

As you feel to the very core 

That this is right and just 

As well as a must 

And don’t care about the personal privacy 

Of the rest of us 

And not just one nation but all 

But what would happen 

If we took your position 

And became a fly on the wall 


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