Collision Course



The tone and actions of racism 

Saying and doing the unnecessary 

Breaking humanity down 

And succumbing to cataclysm 

Stuck in a prism of hate 

Not up for a debate 

Ignoring the realism of the consequences 

That lie ahead 

Need to replace hate 

With more love instead 

Speaking words that are better off 

Not being said 

Thinking inside of our heads 

First before it comes out of the mouth 

Causing disruption and conflict 

To quickly go south 

Not realizing what this is about 

Affects everyone from the inside out 

Certain to cause a disagreement and a fight 

Too many feeling that it’s their right 

To behave in depraved ways 

Without any consequence at all 

In the latter days 

Purposely done and with ignorance 

With repeated habits and teachings 

Going against the consonant 

In ways that will do the most good 

Does anyone actually care enough? 

For this to be understood 

Creating change if we would 

Rearranging if we could 

Instead of this ferocious fire 

Burning over us as the wood 

All attempts of diplomacy have failed 

It’s just not there 

Because there’s not enough care 

For too many feel compelled 

To keep all of this going 

And consistently growing 

Yet knowing 

How this has resulted in the past 

Pushing into the present and future 

How much longer will this last 

This must come to pass 

Replacing harsh with a peaceful voice 

Forego hatred and establish peace 

As the correct source 

For we must alter our inhumane ways 

And prevent a further 

Collision course 


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