The Forbidden Fruit

Many aspects of this that are too many to list, but you will get the gist of this….




Eating the wrong thing  

Is what started it all 

You are what you eat 

And this quickly caused us to fall 

Right onto our face 

And fell out of grace 

Of the Creator above 

Even when given everything 

And shown nothing but love 

Made perfect from the start 

And wanted for nothing 

But wasn’t satisfied 

Until we changed something 

Tempted and manipulated  

At the very turn 

Being disobedient and didn’t discern 

Pulled into a lie 

And asking myself the question why 

All light not darkness 

And in great company 

But settled for being less 

Than great and to our Creator 

We became disappointing 

Leaving the original first place 

And taking on second best 

Or so it was believed 

A mistake that could not be undone 

And not given a reprieve 

The error of our ways 

Was manifested right then and there 

And have this curse along 

Every day since 

And in essence 

Still not learning our lesson 

As we move about separately 

From the one above 

And even though we commit sinful acts 

He gives us a chance 

To return missing love 

And follow suit 

Repent and rebuke 

The urge and temptation 

With constant repetition 

Of feasting on forbidden fruit 


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