The Amazing Gift



Taking this trip 

Hoping that you will continue to lift 

Don’t second guess yourself 

Or speak negative from your lips 

Because what you’ve been given 

Should be considered a gift 

And use it always for good 

Using those very words that you write 

To motivate and uplift 

Everyone around you 

Or anywhere you come in contact with 

As touching lives through poetry 

Should be a priority on your list 

As many will come forth and read 

And continue to witness this 

Literary motion 

With poetic waves that flow like the oceans 

Allowing it to stir up emotions 

Through much positive commotion 

A written light that carries itself far 

And in that very moment 

Even you as a poet 

Will know what you’re made of 

Capable of 

And realizing who you are 

With the power and responsibility 

That this holds and contains 

And the ability to change the game 

Even after you leave this world 

Your poetry stays alive and remains 

And not leaving things unchanged 

But rather had evoked thought 

And made a real difference 

Upon many lives that eventually 

Gathered together and rearranged 

Every heart within range 

And though the effects 

May seem strange 

Keep pushing forward 

To drive and ride across many lanes 

Because the world needs you 

More than you know 

So, let your light and energy shine 

And your words naturally flow 

Sealing them with a poetic kiss 

Putting yourself to good work 

As you use this amazing gift 


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