Ink Mode



Poetic thoughts and ideas

Circling about

Waiting to see what it will be entitled

And then decide how to write it out

In a quiet place

So that I can hear the very thoughts

Inside of my head

Visualizing the context

That this poem will be read

In the zone and alone

And to which path I tread

Putting all together

The words and lines

That in this moment in time

I decide

To construct another piece

Very original and call it mine

This art form is my abode

As I step forward and commit myself

To what I call

The ink mode

Finding the pen and paper to allow me

To bring this poem alive

A blank sheet and a pen full of ink

So that halfway it doesn’t run dry

Or stop during mid thought

This poem must be completed

By the tools that I brought

As poetry sought me out

Basking and moving along

This poetic round about

The words are flowing

The lines are growing

And almost near completion

Saving all my work

As to not ever commit deletion

On purpose or accident

The most fatal thing a poet can go through

Is forget or have the poem

Just come and then went away

For in that moment

That makes for a very bad day

To stay the course

And keeping with passion and fire

With artistic and poetic desire

Focused and with tunnel vision

That should take place

With every poetic rendition

As each piece that is finished

Accomplishes the soul mission

Or so I’m told

As the poems unfold

No writers block

Because my mind is stuck

On green and go

A satisfying overload

Lyrical and bold

Never hesitating to display or show

That with this talent and skill

Write many in a row

Hone and evolve my craft

To allow for more growth

As this art form is my abode

Stepping forward and further committing myself

To what I would call

The ink mode


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM