Brute Force

On a mission to change the world through poetry….




So much drama 

With some caused by 

Blunt force trauma 

Vocally and mentally 

As well as emotionally 

And the problem with this reality 

Is that it happens so frequently 


Aggressively and literally 

Trending daily and lately 

But it is time to cut this off 

Before we become further lost 

Using my poetry 

To light up these areas 

That have caused such massive hysteria 

With so many giving way to the dark 

So, I’ve taken it upon myself 

To embark on a journey 

Of peace and hope 

To help be the cure 

For those waiting on an antidote 

The motivation they need to succeed 

The change needed to proceed 

About life in this world 

In a different capacity 

For I hope 

That other poets like myself 

Will have the audacity 

To join in this fight for change 

And become the very substance 

To rearrange the darkness 

Altering and morphing it into pure light 

Fighting against wrong 

Fighting for what is right 

Using brute force in positive way 

By taking the literary 

And dust storms into better days 

As my hand begins to wave 

And says goodbye 

To all of the unnecessary and crazy mistakes 

We continue to repeat and live through 

Insanity at its best 

Believing change will just automatically happen 

Without any real work to do 

Or put in 

I’m here to halt these negative trends 

Existing to cover the world over 

With hope and peace until the very end 

Not naïve just deciding to do more 

Choosing to stand instead of sitting on the floor 

Trying and attempting to steer 

Us all down a better road 

And take a different course 

Approaching and attacking the problems  

Of this cold world 

With a poetic brute force 


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