The Cruelness Of It All

A serious issue that requires more than just thought, it needs action and immediate change….




Taken away from your land

And your home stolen

By the evils of cruel men

Leaving you with you nothing

But much agony and suffering

And a heart that is broken and swollen

And becoming the token symbol

Of a misnomer and oppression

True identities hidden

Along with forgotten uniqueness and essence

From all that has befallen you

And after everything that you’ve been through

That continues to plaque you

Even until this very day

And feeling many ways about this

As anger consumes and is seen

With tightly closed fists

Tired of the injustice

And racial prejudice

With everything else in between

And deems to never change

Many lives that are due reparations

So that they can go and rearrange

And make better preparations

Both future and present

Continuing to be stuck on repeat

From the same destructive history

And never learning valuable lessons

The doom and gloom

That continues to consume

Many of color

And carrying this residue

But how would those people like it

If someone came in and did this to you

Committing atrocious acts

To every one of you

You wouldn’t like it either

So, when did it ever become okay

Right or just

To do this to others

Whose very skin is opposite of you

Time to wake up to the truth

That many don’t care enough about

Or truly asleep to

Not realizing that crimes against certain humanity

Affects not one but all

In various ways after a fall

We cannot rewind time

But we can make a better call

And began to change for the betterment

Of those who have endured this

And unable to stand tall

To get back their true identity

And real lives

To be rescued and given

What is absolutely due to them

Stemming from murder and shock

Injustice and hatred

That should always be appalled

And never insult with an applause

We all know who these people are

And are the only ones on Earth

Who have and still suffer from

The cruelness of it all


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