Seek And Find

Long overdue and leave no stone unturned….




From all of the things

That have gone wrong

We must search and seek out

In order to explore the unknown

Investigate and gather useful information

With nothing but the real truth behind it

Ending segregation even among ourselves

And garner unity anywhere we can find it

A culture so divided

Spinning around in plain sight

So, there is no hiding it

Relabeled a race

That the new names always outpace

While drowning out your real place

As you look upon many with a confused face

Suffering and oppressed

Seen as a permanent state

Of the heart and mind

And this has been the case

For over a long period of time

Shadows of their former selves

That were at one time

Living their lives

Out in the open

Where the sun constantly shined

But if you pay close attention now

You’ll see the light gone from their eyes

Forced and having to just fall in line

And get with the program

Many efforts that were combined

To take away their land

And terminated for just saying

I am

But their will come a time

That all of this madness

Is found and exposed

Hang on people

Because the ride will get bumpy

So, stay on your toes

Because who knows

What will unfold

Going down this despicable road

When the telling of lies

And hidden truths

Turn around one day

Before me and you

The inquisition will continue

Along with many questions

That will want answers

And coming to a point

That will erase this cancer

And much owed in return

Just repeating the same old history

When will we learn

Because what is done in the dark

Will eventually come to light

To right the wrongs

From a much-needed fight

Finding out things

That will not be kind

But the truth must be freed

As we continue to seek and find


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