Musical composition

Within four movements of work

Aligning itself within the collective

Directed with an orchestra of sorts

Elaborate and traditional

An interlude on a large scale

Moving notes and harmony along

Beyond what anyone can tell

Or truly share

You have to be involved

You have to be there

To take on an important role or part

In its processes

Regarded and favored elements

As the instruments dress up

The sounds that will be heard

Igniting and a flowing purpose

That is mostly without words

Usually long and complex

With texture and patterns

Completed through the instrumental

An integral part always

With absolute critical parts

That is essential by far

In order to display its essence

As a musical and artistical


Of the note variety

Soaring and classical

And engaging society

The orchestra

A philharmonic

Being present in an era

With a specific direction upon it

As we can experience and see

As it meets up with the auditory

Being all that it is and more

The symphony


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM