Wielder Of The Pen

Life of a true poet….




The pen as the weapon of choice

With the paper that paints and puts

Words to a poetic voice

The poet making the choice

How to distribute this power

As they write and recite

With each coming hour

Thoughts circle about

As a storm inside

With a heart that follows

This poetic mind

A literary warrior

Ready to do artistic battle

And never become rattled

When it’s time to put

Pen to paper

Not ones conjuring up a caper

But rather unable to taper

This poetic energy off

To do so would become a severe loss

Writers block as the boss

As the passion for words gets lost

This poet would not allow this to stand

Or ever become them

For failure is not an option

But only magnetic energy stems

From the deep fire just lying

Inside of them

To give up on poetry

The chances are very slim

Because for most poets

This is not an option for them

Not ever

Stay out of their way

As they are very clever

And moving this art form forward

With every endeavor

As each piece begins

Writing always until the end

For this life is more than just

Some hobby or trend

But an actual lifestyle

And married to the pen

Committed to the paper and words

Constantly constructing written art

That can’t wait to be seen or heard

A knight of the literary

A warrior of the language arts

And never to the contrary

Writing until their last breath

Writing until they have nothing left

With the very real mission’

To change lives through

The power of words

That once dispersed

Will have a very positive

And unique effect on all of you

From start to finish

And everything in between

Standing and stating

I am a poet

As my artistic cause will never end

Saying I am here

And one of those meant to change the world

Through poetry

The kinetic and poetic

Wielder of the pen


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM