Check Your Heart

The condition of our hearts matters more than we know….




Is it healthy or good? 

Or is it evil inside 

The difference needs to be understood 

Because it matters greatly and why 

A very important thing of ours 

That beating heart 

Right and good to keep it warm 

Or evil and deception to tear it apart 

And those in close proximity 

Turning away from this darkness 

With light as the remedy 

For most won’t see 

Just how important their heart truly is 

It displays one’s intentions 

And how they also want to live 

To close and seal it with good 

Or to leave it wide open 

Accepting everything that is bad 

And retaining it there 

As a fireplace burning wood 

But never up to no good 

Because this type of fire scorches and burns 

As many will come to know and soon learn 

Because the ability to discern 

Will be sorely needed 

Each time one of these hearts 

Comes near with vicious intentions 

And evil beating 

If you come in contact with anyone like this 

Move your legs and feet quickly 

And start retreating 

But there are those with a heart of good 

And sound judgement 

But becoming more and more of a rarity 

Seeing good as boring 

And laughing with evil as a parody 

Here lies a disparity 

Time to wake up and start carrying 

Around a better heart 

And if you’re not there 

Then now is a good time to start 

Allowing darkness to depart 

It’s time for a checkup and self-evaluation 

Update your status everyone 

And check on your heart 


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