Living Inside A Bubble

The followup to the poem “Cognitive Dissonance”




Many suffering from this 

And never know why 

Believing this is true happiness 

Within the mind 

And to the untrained eye 

Living life in a false reality 

A matrix if you will 

As the complacency grows 

Living their lives 

As a tightly tied bow 

That doesn’t flow 

Nor have any slack or space 

Because life for you 

Is simply out of place 

But many just cannot seem to face 

The harshness and coldness 

Of this cruel world 

Out of sight and out of mind 

Can only last for a certain amount of time 

Because life is a dull place 

Outside of your bubble 

Trying to do everything  

Humanly possible to avoid the trouble 

Because your life is a tree that won’t grow 

And under a delusion 

Just because someone said so 

Told you what to think and know 

Taught and show 

So, you accept this conclusion 

An epidemic that affects so many 

With an environment not conducive 

Never good but plenty 

Many people as shiny pennies 

At the bottom of the pond 

Forging a single bond 

That never goes beyond 

What they’ve always known 

Becoming severely lost 

But calling this home 

It’s time to break the cycle 

And truly come alive 

This will not happen 

Until you step outside 

And start to see the real world 

Through a different set of eyes 

And most will be surprised 

At what truly lies 

And become despised 

After being woken up 

And really take notice 

Of the world and times 

That has always been present 

And continues to topple 

With chaos that seems unstoppable 

They will see 

A very different world 

When people come out  

And do so on the double 

Merging with actual reality 

And leaving falsehood behind 

From living inside a bubble


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