Cognitive Dissonance



The path that was chosen for you

Was never part of the original plan

And as such

Has resulted in a cataclysm

With the vast majority of the populous

Succumbing to denialism

Of their actual reality

Serving and bowing to deities

All except the one

That actually has a similar appearance

To you and me

And so, it seems

That we

Refuse to accept

Anything but what we know or was taught

And get automatically angry and deny

Anything that is new and different

That has been revealed

As we’ve become accustomed to

Our brains standing still

And someone else doing the actual thinking for us

While we sit and stand around

Fussing and cussing at one another

Separating ourselves

From every sister and brother

Scared to actually decipher through

All the deception and lies

Hidden truths and unconstructive rhetoric

Too tired to research and question authority

But pleased to stay energetic

To everything that is wrong with this world

Watching as we continue to hurl ourselves

In a further state of hyperreality

With no desire to distinguish the actuality

Of who we are and where we reside

Prolonging progression

Time after time

Too busy staying and getting comfortable

In a domicile of regression

Too caught up with discomfort

So, must retort and resort

To that false way of being

Living and thinking

Where you believe your happiness lies

And refuse to accept and see

The very undertones

Right before your eyes

The truth will set you free

From where it lies

But at first may piss you off

But this is far better

Than living a lie and staying lost

Being brave and bold

With a desire to start fresh

As opposed to the alternative

That we’ve been living in

Where the real truth and reality

Will never ever mesh

And failing the most important tests

Of our lives

So, open your eyes

Time to wake up this instance

Forego the resistance

And close the distance

Open your mind and senses

And forego what feels comfortable

While crawling and suffering from

Cognitive dissonance


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