Left Alone

A poem I’m sure most can relate to….




To have love
Within your grasp
And far above
What you thought you lacked
But then one day
What you deemed to be real
Left faster
Than it appeared
Something once felt
Most dear

Left with a heart
That got speared
And pierced
A hole left now
Where love use to live
And dwell
But it was never real
You just couldn’t tell
Hidden away
Like the biggest secret ever
Shattered beyond repair
Cancelling all endeavors
Used and abused
And left to the wolves
By the one person in this world
You thought understood
And never would
Put you through such turmoil
Left empty and drained out
While they walk away spoiled
It was never meant to be
And if only you could
Erase this history
And sudden misery
Stemming from lies
Soaked in mystery
Who you choose to let

Into your heart
Can make you reach greater heights
Or tear you apart


A feeling some know
All too well
And could tell you
What it’s like
To go from ten to zero
You must pickup
And carry on
Loving yourself more going forward
After this fiasco is done
Letting go of dead weight

With a heart that is
Well below the brim
Take time and wait
And know that your life
Is better off without them


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