Winter Snow



The months that turn 

Cool then cold 

Where spending time inside 

Never gets old 

A fire going to keep you warm 

For those that have access 

And quite the norm 

As the snow falls outside 

And met with a smile 

Bundling up each time 

Due to being colder 

With a scarf around the neck and shoulders 

Coat on and gloves on hands 

So that you can stand outside 

And see how many snowflakes land 

Blizzards and snowstorms for some 

Carrying on until their done 

Open to certain snow activities 

With much fun to be had and see 

Or just stay inside with a loved one 

Looking out of the window 

At snow covered trees 

And snowy roads 

Putting on an active show 

As some parts freeze 

And get froze 

Yet enjoying every minute 

Of the winter snow 


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