To Enter The Sea



Walking up to 

And now standing on the shore 

Wandering if you 

Should go and seek more 

As I look about 

The sea ahead  

As your thoughts increase 

Inside of your head 

Debating with self 

To what lies ahead for me 

As you come near and see 

An entrance that leads out 

Into the sea 

And to what this means 

Was it waiting here for you 

As you take it in 

And breathe in the cool breeze 

Waiting for you to indulge 

And come on in 

Are you ready for this? 

As your heart beat increase 

As your temperature rises 

Your pulse is racing 

As this appears to be 

A feast for the eyes 

For all of your senses 

Completely agreeing and on one accord 

Taking a consensus 

And ready for more 

As the hairs stand on end 

Your body is begging you 

To go ahead and step in 

With full steam 

And no further hesitation 

As it seems 

To just be at peace 

And both of you agree 

Stepping in with both feet 

As you went to the entrance 

And entered the sea 


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