In a state of deep unconsciousness

Over a long period of time

Prolonged or indefinite

With the light unseen

And too dark to shine

But somewhat alive

Blinded and out of sync with the world

And have fallen deep inside of the mind

So, allow me to chime in

Most of us have no clue

Who we are and where we’ve been

And advised and led

On what to believe

Or where to begin

For some this may seem like the end

But some of us will awaken

And start all over again

To wake up to a new life

And with a new purpose

Were in a place right now

Where this needs to become urgent

Instead of lip service and spouting

The same old things

And to what good has it brought or brings

When the world is sore and lost

And the darkness to it that man deems

To be the best approach

With so many believing

That they are above reproach

But couldn’t be further from the truth

And as a whole

Not everyone in this world

Has given up nor have rid themselves

Of their very soul

Committing atrocities against the young and old

Meeting and scheming behind closed doors

Displaying both the hidden and exposed

For we all need to stay on our toes

And shield our minds from further toll

Known as the norm from what we know

Filthy from all of this dirt

And need to be cleansed and sprayed down

By the biggest truth and spiritual hose

And deter ourselves from further deceitful growth

That has us all divided

And living down in a hole

That we actually think is living

When we have been betrayed and dismayed

From the very beginning

So, open your eyes

So that the truth may set you free

And you finally come to know

That once you become awaken

And really see the world up close

You will begin to quickly realize

That the state you’ve been in

Was a comatose


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