Let Poetry Take You And Me

What we should seek as poets….




Let poetry take you 

As a poet 

On a wild ride 

And as a result 

Catapult you into 

Another place in time 

As I shine and rhyme 

With each line 

As the thoughts and words 

Get written and just fall in line 

With some of us 

So effortlessly 

Allow poetry to take 

You and me 

As it visits each one of us 

And takes us all on a tour 

To embrace and face 

As we endure 

This art form  

Becoming quiet storms 

In this world 

That will always go outside 

Or ever truly reside 

Within the norm 

A separate reality 

As we evolve even further 

Into the anomalies that you see 

Writings and penning words 

As every line increase 

And wonders never cease 

To exist in the realm 

Of the literary 

As the universal power of this 

Dwells within you and me  

Fulfilling and meeting destiny 

And becoming the very best 

That we all can be 

Or at the very least 

Be the goal at hand 

As poetry never discriminates 

Against woman or man 

And it is up to us as poets 

To truly understand and comprehend 

Where we should go next 

And not just where we have been 

For we have a responsibility 

To account for every word 

That people will read and see 

And be known for our works 

In a way that changed lives 

As we should always use 

This power for good 

And wish everyone of us would 

Be and commit to poetry 

As it is meant to be 

Visionaries and artists 

Armed with paper and pen 

And consistently 

Weaponize ourselves  

And aim to change the world 

As we see and potentially 

Be known as the poets 

That made this happen 

And left behind a legacy 

I truly hope that every poet 

Will read this and agree 

As we allow poetry to take 

Both you and me 


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