At The Foot Of The Falls



What better place to be 

Than right here  

And what I see in front of me 

Dancing in the water below 

As the current steadily flows 

And runs into me 

So clear that I can see my feet 

Brushing against my hands 

And not being discreet 

So glad to be here 

And such a treat 

Been waiting to come here 

And finally meet 

Swimming up to the falls 

And resting beneath 

Every layer that is moving down 

And all I can see 

Is water all around 

A wonder of nature 

That is leaps and bounds 

Over anything else at this moment 

As I get to partake of it 

And witness this 

As I came and went 

Away from it 

But it sent me to another area 

Yet still a part of it 

Just another side 

Of this natural bliss 

Taking the time 

To engulf me with a liquid kiss 

And something that I can assure you 

That no one wants to ever miss 

Down at the foot but some overhead 

The very top instead 

That lead the rest to the bottom 

If one cannot enjoy this 

Then you certainly have a problem 

Because not having the chance 

To actually enjoy this 

Should never be an option 

And we should answer nature’s call 

Taking advantage and standing here in the mist 

Completely amazed 

With a memory for days 

Checking this off the list 

And feeling tall 

Surrounded by pure and fulfilling water 

At the foot of the falls 


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