The followup to the poem series: “Looking for the Exit”




Wandering through this cruel and cold world 

That we call ours 

Garnishing chaos each and everyday 

And by the hour 

As I look for the exit 

To find my way out 

No longer pondering over 

What all of this is truly about 

As it has become crystal clear 

Feeling the tones and vibes in the air 

Circling about the atmosphere 

As I go there 

So much selfishness 

And not enough care 

As the despair 

Is felt everywhere 

And locked in each space 

It would’ve been nice 

If peace and harmony had been the case 

A tragic and chaotic tale

That we all must face 

And have blown through a second chance 

Well I am taking a stance 

To no longer engage with 

The same old song and dance 

That encompasses the world 

As we continue to hurl ourselves 

Into further complexities 

As the constant recipe 

And on the precipice 

Of having nothing left 

Of real peace and substance 

As most have exited stage right 

Being comfortable with darkness 

And shun the light 

As this epidemic grew 

Going over the heads 

Of the chosen few 

And should have subdued 

More harmony and truths 

And some taken too soon 

As the coldness looms 

Trying to make a change 

But many people never wanted this 

To be a reality 

And unfortunately 

A colossal truth 

Well as for me 

I plan to teleport myself 

Away from this chaos 

And open a path to peace 

A portal of hope that I 

Will work on to increase 

Because this world is just too blue 

So, I will continue 

To make preparations 

To leave this version of it 

In my rearview 


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