Diverting Truth

The time has come….




Programmed and indoctrinated

To simply not think for self but follow suit

All the while

Much time, energy, and money are spent

To divert the truth

Certain histories not ever taught or shown

Confusing many by the day

About where they actually belong

And have been committing this atrocious act

All along and from the start

Tearing many cultures apart

And hiding much history by far

From the ears and the eyes

Unseen and unheard

While replacing with lies

With this entire deception

Becoming its very own enterprise

That frankly should be despised

But to no surprise

Just to continue this unsavory route

Each day of our lives

And why?

For what?

The answer is control

And this process has taken its toll

On everyone not within the fold

Of running the world

Affecting every boy and girl

Woman and man

And this is something that everyone

Needs to realize and understand

The mission was and has always been

To keep the masses confused and under control

Until the very end

Forget everything that you think you know

And allow yourself the flexibility and room to grow

An openness along with critical thinking

Researching the past and present

From the very beginning

The wool has been pulled over our eyes

Time to stop following along with anything

And start asking many questions with a why

Because the world and ourselves

Are much deeper than we know

And there are plenty of resources

That confirm this to be so

But are you willing to wake up?

Or just stay in a slumber

For they are counting on this

To stay as is and be the case

And in large numbers

With no desire at all to erase

The systems that are in place

And in motion

That aspire and thrive

To stir up hate and injustice

Confusion and much commotion

And for this to continue

To flow over us all

Like a dark and deep ocean

That you cannot see yourself underneath

While slowly taking a fall

Most will not adhere

Or truly understand these very apparent clues

Because most of us unfortunately

Will continue to be zombies

And reside in a chaotic room

Staying completely blinded and naïve

To the diverting truth


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