The Lyrical Drug



I have a poetic pill

For you to take

A literary smoke out

That I just can’t wait

For all to see and read

And it will not impede

Anything else

The use of this artistic paraphernalia

Aiming to be the best

As you take your many breaths

In and out

Swallowing these words

As most will find out

That once in the system

It moves about the bloodstream

And it would seem

That it’s taking over

But to the contrary

It only causes a warmth all over

To reside and ride

Straight to the hearts and minds

Of all that take the time

To absorb this work of art

And place something nice inside

While being hooked on this

Will not cause conflict or panic

No drama or closed fists

The poetic pharmacist

As I persist

To bring you even more

Your lyrical pusher is here

My poems will always appear

So, ask no more

Handing rhymes and lines

Out to the masses

On a silver platter

And look forward to

All the discussions and chatter

About the pieces I inject

Further surpassing

With each piece penned

And submit as medication

And only through much passion and dedication

Am I able to accomplish such a feat

And last until the very end

Increasing your dosage with each one

And lighting a fire under each poem

I sincerely hope

That you will feel all of this

From your head and down to your feet

A literary escape and invited to a retreat

Not kept away from anyone

Nor are they discreet

As they occupy the air

And roll down every street

Pulsing and racing

With their very own heartbeat

The play on words

And all of the wordplay

Done in such a way

That memories are made

With emotions displayed

And conveyed

Say what you say

But feel this shockwave

From your inner being

To the outside

With each poetic creation

And lyrical invention

As my works garner attention

And with every intention

Of taking you on a literary high

Seen deeply within your eyes

As the pen is my weapon of choice

Silently written words

But sound off with a very loud voice

So, take this as your drug of choice

And enjoy the after effects

And don’t worry about what comes next

Because I will continue to write

Until I have nothing left

A poet in my own right

That exists to light up the world

To hurl and twirl everyone

Into a lyrical and auditory hallucination

To take this beyond just fascination

And to always reach for the skies above

No limits or gimmicks

As I prepare you by the hour

To devour this lyrical drug


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM