Lyrical Overdose



So many words and rhymes 

So many analogies and lines 

That at times 

May be a lot to take in 

As I inject this poetic trend 

Of mine 

All over the world 

And over time 

So much arriving at once 

That it becomes overwhelming 

And when it’s all said and done 

You’ll realize the amount of light 

And caring 

Within each piece 

Dilating the pupils  

With each read 

And on a natural high 

Counteracting the negative 

And seen with all eyes 

Pushing the positive 

Into your system 

With huge side effects 

As you look and listen 

To the written needles 

That makeup poetic art 

Moving about the bloodstream 

And never coming apart 

Causing a warmth all over 

That you just cannot hide 

While my works groove and soothe  

The inside and outside 

As I 

Fine tune each one 

A booster shot of poetry 

Not just for fun 

But to also motivate and create more 

Critical thinking 

With each piece that I write 

And will be bringing 

To channel the literary energy 

Right through 

Soaring through me 

And passed on to all of you 

Spreading this around 

As a wonderful epidemic 

Becoming contagious everywhere 

And having no limit 

Because I’m in this to win it

And lobby 

Not just a hobby 

But instead an avid mission 

That hopes to initiate 

And be a cure for the heart and mind 

And all throughout the body 

That is critical

Absorbing the lyrical 

And rhymes that you enjoy the most 

As you start to reach the levels 

Of an overdose 


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