Poem For Libya (Lamentations)

Poem for Libya (Lamentations) 


Hold on Libya 
As prayers go your way 
Much care and love is needed 
To get them through another day 
Such agony and pain 
That must no longer remain 
Demonstrating the appearance 
Of a so-called past 
That has gone unchanged 
Moving into the modern day 
Torturing and killing the fray 
Bound by slavery 
But no one wants to say 
Oppressed and suppressed 
Every which way 
Sound the alarm today 
And a wake-up call 
To all whom just look 
The other way 
What’s happening to them 
Can be described as sinister 
And must administer 
Care and love 
Rescue and hugs 
To pull them away from this misery 
And just a repeat of vicious history 
Suffering and mania 
Much prayer headed your way 
So, hold on Libya 


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