Lighting Words On Fire

The goal of my poetry with each piece written….




Lightning in a bottle 

Never hostile 

Words moving at full throttle 

And not a problem 

When it comes to poetry 

Igniting the literary 

As it often varies 

Showing artistry through caring 

And much sharing 

Bold and daring 

Thinking critically 

Spitting lyrically 

As the pen moves 

And the paper just soothes 

As I elude to 

Giving all of you 

Visionary poetry 

With a poet that wants to be known by 

And aims to please and leave 

A poetic legacy that will succeed me 

As you will see 

That left a crucial and positive mark 

Upon this world 

Every time I embarked 

On being the very pearl 

Inside of the oyster 

Coming up with every piece 

That I could muster 

Pushing poems out in clusters 

And conjure up each time 

Line by line 

With every single rhyme 

With a passion and desire 

To take myself and others higher 

Never retire 

Nor words expire 

Won’t become tired 

As my pen and paper 

Often conspire 

Leaving the ground 

To become a flyer 

Answering the call of poetry 

For me is dire 

I became a poetic weapon and fighter 

A literary and lyrical grinder 

Going hard at this 

Ready to strike at anytime 

As a sidewinder 

Always on target and never miss 

Continuing to set flames 

Both afterwards and prior 

As I’m gearing and lighting up 

These words on fire 


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