Cross Series: Poem 5 of 5




To write seems dire

As I tend to hire

The very thoughts and reasons

To take my work even higher

As I never tire

Nor interest expire

And consistently prepare

To become an even better writer

A daily and nightly grinder

As poetry lays within

My inner and outer liner

Civil and kinder ones

Aggressive and tighter ones

With each piece

Written with passion and desire

Always on target

As my very own sniper

Constantly aiming at this art form

As the lyrical and literary

Become even brighter

And make no mistake about it

This poet right here

Does not perspire

Definitely a fighter

And will do so

Until I become tired

But never afraid of this

Because I am like

A live wire

Electric and surging rapidly

Through the body and mind

And circling

The heart every time

Forever serious

Never delirious

The go getter

The seek and finder

As you experience

What I would call

The crossfire


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